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I'm an adventure seeker, wildlife enthusiast, incurable dreamer and hopeless romantic who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I go.

Lover of light,  travel, and the soft, glowing colours brought to life on film.  Destination wedding and editorial photographer, film producer, public speaker, radio host, entrepreneur, business graduate, adventure seeker, nature lover, diver and avid coffee drinker who enjoys the best of town and country living. 

I specialise in capturing memories on camera to make them last a lifetime. My career began in film where I was both infront and behind the camera. I worked as a red carpet presenter and producer for television outlets, interviewing everyone from George Clooney to One Direction so I'm used to working with the most sought after teams who can make your dream a reality. 

I then went onto work in film production at Walt Disney Studios, working on the box office hit, Frozen. This is where I learnt about lighting, editing and production techniques from the best in the world; skills that translate into my wedding photography. 

I'm Sara

about ME

"To me, photography is the strongest art-form. It allows us to pause time and document the most precious moments in our life. It gives us the unique power to go back in time and tell stories over years to come."

I take a lot of inspiration from the world of film and have been lucky enough to realise that my real passion lies in fine art wedding and portrait photography. I'm so thankful that my work has been published internationally by outlets such as Tatler, Love My Dress and Bridal Musings. 

I now live with my husband, Clem, in a little village on the Shropshire-Staffordshire border, although I spend a lot of time in London having lived there for 6 years.

Needless to say, as a destination photographer I also spend a lot of time travelling, specialising in wedding photography in Marrakech, The Maldives, South Africa and Italy. 

SC x 

Literally anything Italian + a crisp bottle of bubbles with my husband. (Cocktail hour? Expresso Martini, please)


This guy. My husband, Clem. More of a home bird than I am, but always willing to try new things and continue our lifelong adventures. 



Spending time either at the beach or in the countryside (with a London party thrown in for good measure). 



Travel. Apart from photography, it's all about seeing new places, normally with a focus on wildlife. This was right before a bull shark dive in Tulum = me in my happy place. You can follow my adventures here.

guilty pleasure


South Africa with The Maldives as a close second. I also love Southern California, Italy, Marrakech, Thailand... and The Bahamas. The list goes on!

places i've been



The couple portraits when the bride and groom get some time alone to let everything sink in. Often when the magic really happens...

part of my job


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You want to make sure that you hit it off with your photographer from the start. That way, you'll feel relaxed and I can capture the moments that really matter. 


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