What I Wish I Had Known When Planning My Own Wedding…

October 24, 2020


When I got engaged, I was utterly clueless about the wedding industry. Planning seemed like a mammoth task and to be completely honest, I didn’t know where to start!

Fast forward a few years and here I am, fully immersed in this wonderful world of flowers, love and (sometimes madness).

Without a doubt, I feel certain I could produce a novel bursting at the seems with information and advice, but for now, here are a few starter points. I hope you find them useful!

The Flatlay

When you have no idea where to start… sit back and think about your stationary. After all, without invites there will be no guests. And first impressions count!

When I went through this process, I immediately turned to Papier. There’s nothing wrong with using a large company that offers hundreds of templates.

If you are short on time this is probably the best option, but there are so many smaller businesses that can really go the extra mile. (I personally adore working with Hannah Watts – rooted in the old, inspired by the new).

Work with someone who creates work that inspires you. Tell your designer about the day and let them pour out their ideas.

Have you thought about calligraphy? Perhaps your wedding reading could be turned into a material keepsake? Or maybe you both decide to deliver each other letters on the morning …a guaranteed recipe for some happy tears.

*Tip – I tell my clients to have a think about anything we can include on the flatlay. Your rings, a gorgeous velvet ring box, ribbons, trinket bowls, photographs of your family, dried flowers, your favourite books… use Pinterest for inspiration and get creative!

All these little ideas help to tell your details. Admittedly, the detail shots probably won’t make it onto your wall, but they are crucial for creating a full story of your special day.

Getting Ready

You’ve read the blogs, drooled over the magazines… you’ve been sucked into those giddy images where you’re laughing with your bridesmaids over a glass of Lanson.

I hate to be the bearer of reality, but this part of the day also requires special attention and to an extent, requires some curation.

To paint the picture of my morning, my hair dresser had a powercut, the rain just wouldn’t give in, and an usher managed to smear grass over the back of a couture Suzanne Neville gown. However, you would never have guessed this when looking at the pictures. Chin up, it’s a stressful morning but your Planner, Photographer and loved ones are there to make everything better!

*Tip – Try to make sure you get ready in a bright room. Next to a large window is ideal, or a room that’s decorated in paler colours. That way, we can really create magic and produce the fine art imagery that you’re looking for.

It’s worth investing in dressing gowns for your bridesmaids so you all match and it’s also worth considering having your hair and makeup done in a separate dressing room.

Many venues automatically offer this…why? Well clutter doesn’t make for the nicest photos. My poor photographer had to navigate his way around straighteners on the bed, laptops, speakers, empty glasses…you get the idea.

Try to keep the nicest room a place of solitude and simplicity. It will make you relax throughout the process of getting ready and automatically allows you to enjoy the morning more! (And please don’t keep checking the weather app – I have been there and I promise it won’t change a thing).

The Flowers

Flowers can be expensive, so it’s crucial that they make the largest impact possible!

You’ll naturally be drawn into designing your bouquet and centre pieces, however, consider designing an area especially for your couple portraits.

Is there a beautiful archway, window or can you get your hands on a vintage car? Your florist will relish the opportunity to get uber creative and you’ll end up creating the most iconic image of your day. Surely that’s better than going OTT on pew ends in the church?

Hopefully the above is enough to get you started! Remember, have fun with the planning. Take everything in and really think about how you want your day to be.

However, never forget that the most important part is marrying the love of your life.

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